What is EdgeFinder?

EdgeFinder Sports is a subscription alert service that provides users with access to an alert system when sports bets are mis-priced relative to market consensus. We also provide access to the 2017 Super Contest Gold Champions, Stag Capital, and a community of analytically focused bettors. We DO NOT sell picks. Every alert is something that we ourselves are betting. Alerts are provided through our premium Slack chat room. If you are unfamiliar with Slack click here to watch a short video that explains how it works.

What determines if a bet is good or offsides?

EFS uses a proprietary algorithm to determine the relative value of a bet versus the market. Basically, we ask the question, “IS THIS BET A GOOD VALUE?” The same way you might shop for a deal at a store. Our system has been used in real world betting scenarios for almost 10 years. And we continue to update it all the time. Our system also contains a large human element. Every single play that shows up in the bet alerts has been placed, and reviewed by a human.

Who is Stag Capital?


SuperContest Gold

SuperContest Classic

Golden Nugget Football Challenge

Draft Kings World Championship

Circa Survivor

If you guys aren’t picking winners how is this helpful?

To begin with we are an education service. We want to inform and make people better sports bettors. The same way someone takes a golf lesson or an investment class. We also consistently make money on our betting because, to borrow a stock market term, we are buying low ALL THE TIME. We never overpay for a bet, this matters greatly over the course of a season. If a bet should be placed at -110 and a player is betting it at -120. This is a huge disadvantage, and it is magnified if that mistake is made over the course of the whole season or year of betting.

If you guys are so successful why are you offering this service?

We want to be even more successful. And with gambling becoming legal in more states we want to prove that sports betting can, and should be considered as main stream as investing in the stock market. Sports are near and dear to us. We want to see it thrive.

What are bet alerts?

Bet alerts are instant notifications to our Slack channel any time an advantaged bet is placed. These are all bets that we are wagering our money on. Our hope is that this will be used as a guide by our users to help identify valuable or offsides bets thus giving the player a major advantage.


What is Slack?

Slack is an enterprise messenger program. Thousands of businesses use it internally to share information and communicate on a daily basis. The ability to create channels allows for a smooth and uncluttered method to find the information you want.

If you are new to Slack please take a look at their brief walk-thru: