EdgeFinder Sports is the brainchild of Stag Capital. We were the inaugural winners of Super Contest Gold and most recently went 18-0 in the 2020 Circa Survivor contest. With legalized sports gambling spreading across the country, we feel there is a real opportunity to make money in a safe and regulated sports betting market. Join us.

We (Mike, Andy, and Chris) met playing football in college. Our idea began simply enough. There had to be a better way to bet on sports. We took our lumps, adjusted, got better, and grew. Fifteen years later we are up over seven figures for our efforts and increased legalization has presented us with an opportunity to share our system with the public.

EFS is not a silver bullet. We are not touts, and we do not win every bet we place. Our success stems from discipline, bankroll management, and a mathematical hunt for value that is devoid of emotion despite our shared passion for sports.

As a subscriber, we encourage you to follow our instant alerts, a tool we’ve set up to ensure you never place a disadvantaged bet again. In addition, we encourage you to engage with us directly. Ask lots of questions, learn what constitutes a “good” bet, and figure out how to maximize your profits.

Our hope is that we can help you can increase your knowledge and confidence in your betting in addition to your profits. The only thing better than winning, is winning consistently.